Samsung Galaxy Fold Available for Pre-order Soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold that holds back which was supposed to launch in May is going to relaunch it again soon in Malaysia. Samsung Malaysia has added a banner with the Galaxy Fold Pre-order soon.

The Galaxy Fold was delayed due to some reviewers encountered problems, such as broken and bulging screens with the test unit given by Samsung. The company has made some tweak of the design to address the issues.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is already available in few countries including South Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, the United States and the UK. There is a 5G variant that currently available in South Korea, the UK and Germany.

There are few resellers in Malaysia offering the parallel Galaxy Fold for whopping RM 13,800. In Singapore, the Galaxy Fold is selling for SG$ 3,088 (~ MYR 9,346)

Samsung may have a further announcement soon probably by these few weeks.