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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The recent Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event showcased the exciting Galaxy AI, a powerful integration of artificial intelligence designed to make using the Samsung Galaxy S24 series a unique experience. Let’s take a closer look at the standout features of the new Samsung Galaxy AI.

Live Translate: Phone Calls

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Live translate

Galaxy AI introduces Live Translate for phone calls, allowing instant translation of conversations in real-time. It can convert calls into text and audio, and you can respond in your language. Importantly, this happens on-device, ensuring privacy, and doesn’t need an internet connection. You just have to download the needed language packs, and it currently supports 13 languages, with more on the way.


The Galaxy S24 Ultra makes it easy to make friends from other countries, even if you don’t speak their language. The device has two microphones on the top for real-time translations on a split-screen with the one you talked to This allows users to engage in in-person conversations without passing around the phone. Similar to Live Translate, the Interpreter feature operates on-device, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

Chat Assists & Translation

Say goodbye to copying and pasting foreign messages into translation tools. Galaxy AI not only translates languages but also helps with grammar and spelling. It goes the extra mile by suggesting different ways to express messages for various tones or occasions, such as Professional, Casual, or Gen Z styles with hashtags or emojis.

I love using this feature on YouTube to communicate with viewers from different countries. It allows me to easily translate and respond in their language.

Note Assist

For Galaxy S24 Ultra users, the Notes app with Galaxy AI can convert your handwritten notes into text, turn notes into meeting minutes, and even transform plain text into a more polished format.

Transcript Assist

Galaxy AI’s Transcript Assist allows you to turn voice notes from meetings into written text, even labeling different speakers. Impressively, it can summarize long voice recordings into key bullet points and different formats for you to choose from.

Circle to Search with Google

A standout feature is Circle to Search powered by Google Lens, simplifying searching for objects of interest.

Instead of doing a reverse image search, you just need to press and hold the home button or gesture navigation bar, then draw a circle around what you want to search on the screen, and Galaxy AI, working with Google Lens, will provide relevant results – no more unnecessary screenshots cluttering your gallery.

Generative AI for Photography

Galaxy AI

Samsung brings creativity to photography with Generative AI. It can seamlessly remove, relocate, resize objects, and fill spaces after edits. All AI-edited images will have a 3-star watermark. Ironically, the watermark can be removed with its Generative AI feature.

It also suggests fixes for imperfections in photos, like adding portrait mode, shadows and reflections removal, and upscale low-quality photos with Samsung remaster.

Are Galaxy AI Features Free?

As of now, all Galaxy AI features are free for all Galaxy S24 series.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S24 pages feature a footnote that says;

Galaxy AI features will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices. Different terms may apply for AI features provided by third parties.

So, these features may involve subscription fees in the future.

Galaxy AI represents a big step forward in smartphone technology, offering innovative features that redefine how we interact with our devices.

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