Samsung Exynos 7 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 810? 2015 Flagship Processor?

There were few flagship mobile processors were introduced in MWC 2015. The most mentioned were Samsung in-house processor Exynos 7 series and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Both of these processor will be commercially use by the mobile manufacturers eg; Samsung, HTC, LG and etc on their flagship devices. Samsung Exynos does not limit to their own brand, in fact some manufacturer uses Samsung Exynos; Meizu MX 4 Pro were using Samsung Exynos 5430.

So, which CPU perform the best? Maybe 2015 best processor?

Below are some brief tech comparison between these 2 CPUs.


From the comparison, Exynos has bigger leap by move down the manufacturing process to 14nm which puts Exynos ahead of Qualcomm’s 20nm. The smaller numbers are better as short transistor distance consume less energy and boost processing speeds.

Antutu performance report for first quarter of 2015 reported Top 10 performance smartphone and Samsung Galaxy S6 (Samsung Exynos 7420) emerge a big gap victorious as compare to HTC One M9 (Snapdragon 810) contender which include CPU and GPU test.

What do you think? Would manufacturer to consider adopt Samsung Exynos 7xxx on their flagship device? And would you want to see Samsung Exynos 7420 processor to be used on your favourite device beside from Samsung manufacturer?

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