Samsung Electronics Announces Cause of Galaxy Note 7 Incidents & It Won’t Happen Again

After several month of investigations of the Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploded, Samsung Electronics shared detailed results of the investigation.

The incidents was took place in September 2016 a month after the Galaxy Note 7 was launched and reports of issues began. Samsung has initiated a first ever global product replacement program. The production halted after reporting of issues with the replacement device, thus Samsung decided to end production and launched second product recalls and 96% of Galaxy Note 7 has been returned out of the 3 million sold.
So this are the results after internal investigations. Samsung has identified the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fires are by both different batteries manufacture and had completely different defects.
The first batch of batteries suffered electro deflection and incorrect positioning of the negative tip in the upper corner of the battery. The second occurrence was abnormal well spot that led to an internal short-circuit.
So now Samsung Electronics gonna make things battery by further improve the quality assurance process. Samsung has developed an eight-points battery safety check

Some experts believe that this is a the result of modern smartphone design to boast more power in a smaller and thinner form-factor batteries.

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