Samsung Ditch Corporate Logo To Sell Their Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge in Japan. Sound Desperate?

Your heard me right! Samsung is going to remove their “Samsung” corporate logo to sell their recent launched Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge. This may sound desperate but it quite make sense for a non Japanese brand to sell their product in Japan.

Apple is the success story in Japan. The smartphone market in Japan has dominated by Apple at 40% market share, followed by SONY, Sharp & Fujitsu. Indeed a big market for Samsung to step in despite losses of their name.

A good start to introduce their product to the Japanese market. The Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge will be market as Docomo Galaxy named after their telco service. The Docomo Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge will start available starting 23rd April 2015.

Samsung are expecting up scale of sales more than 7 million unit worldwide.

SOURCE, Docomo Galaxy

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