[REVIEW] ROIDMI EVE Plus – This Vacuum Made Me Lazy in a Good Way

House chores would be something that takes up a lot of time when we can spend on the thing which is more important like family and work. The ROIDMI EVE Plus has many things I want for an all-in-one modern vacuum. What I meant by all-in-one, not only functions as a vacuum, it can mop or have both, vacuum and mop at the same time.

The ROIDMI EVE Plus even has a large 3L dust collector station that can hold up to 60 days. Meaning you can schedule it to run for 2 months every day to keep the house floor pristine clean. The dust collector even features a self-sterilization and deodorization system that limits your exposure to dust and eliminates mold and odor. This is important to me as I have a mild asthmatic son at home and we all have an allergy nose.


The ROIDMI EVE Plus comes with a robot vacuum and a dust collector station. Both are in white color with fairly minimalist design, it should able to blend into any home interior and design. My only complaint is the use of glossy black on the control panel and laser sensor which gets swirl marks easily.

ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum

There are three buttons on the robot vacuum, Spot, Power & Dock. A short press of the Spot button to clean a localized area, the power button is to start a cleaning cycle, and the dock button is to summons it back to the dock station. The vacuum would automatically dock after the cleaning cycle was completed.


On the top is the 4th generation LDS LiDAR sensor, with uses algorithms that can quickly scan and maps the floor. It even supports multistorey mapping, where you can create multiple maps for different floors.

There are a total of 18 sensors to ensure safe cleaning for the vacuum as well as the furniture in the house. ROIDMI EVE Plus would be able to detect steps and prevents fall. It can detect obstacles and avoid bumping into them with the LDS sensor and anti-collision panel.

Below are the wheels, vacuum brush, dust filter compartment, charging plate, and two side brushes to reach tight corners. The mop module is attached to the electric water tank’s underside and it will automatically recognize that it should mop. It also comes with 10 disposable microfiber clothes and you can throw them away after cleaning.

ROIDMI EVE Plus Microfibre

The two tumbler wheels with suspension gave it the ability to climb up to a 2cm doorway or rug. This allows the robot vacuum to roam between rooms while cleaning seamlessly.

The 2-in-1 dust compartment can store 300ml amounts of dust while holding about 250ml of water for vacuum and mopping.

Dust Collector Docking Station

ROIDMI EVE Plus Dust Collector Station

Coming to the docking station, it serves two main functions which are charging and dust collection. The dust collected from the vacuum will be emptied into the 3-liter capacity cleaning bag. The process would take around 12 seconds and you may find it pretty loud for the first time.

As mentioned earlier, the docking station has a self-sterilization and deodorization system that functions to keep the dust bag free of mold and odorless. Once the bag is full and needs to be replaced, you will get notified through the app. Removing the dust bag would seal the bag for hassle-free and swift replacement.


FYI, ROIDMI is part of the Xiaomi Ecosystem, so it works with Xiaomi Home and its own companion app, ROIDMI App. On my test, I used ROIDMI App as I noticed it was unable to get recognized by my Google Home Assistant after I paired it with the Xiaomi Home app. I heavily rely on Google Home as I have all my IoTs linked to it.

You may find the app pretty confusing at first, it would make sense after the ROIDMI EVE Plus completed its first floor mapping. You now will be able to have a lot of customization on how you would want your robot vacuum to operate in different spaces, adding a virtual wall so it won’t run over things or no-go zone, sweeping suction power, mopping water mode, cleaning area sequence and many more.

From the app, we can also see the battery percentage, consumables records like its filter element, side brushes condition, the vacuum center brush bristle as well as the sensors around the robot vacuum.

If you have a busy time, you can schedule when to start cleaning or set it to run remotely while you at work so you will have a clean floor before you reached home.


It cleans well with the sweeping, vacuum, and mop functions. Because I stayed in a smaller house, it would complete the cleaning with 50% – 60% battery left.

The center vacuum’s bristle is a hybrid of rubber and fabric brush, which is more efficient in scooping up dust. Long hair does tangle on the vacuum brush and the two side brushes. It can be easily removed with the provided blade that is kept in the dust collector station.

The ROIDMI EVE Plus rated power suction of 2,700Ps which is able to clean my house without any issue. The noise levels differ with the different suction power you use for different types of flooring. It also features cross cleaning, where the robot will clean twice and have Y path mopping for more effective cleaning.

In terms of mopping, the ROIDMI EVE Plus has three water output options that drip water onto the attached microfiber cloth. Using minimum water flow would be enough for tiles or hardwood flooring. As expected, it doesn’t remove tough stains as it just runs a damp cloth over the floor and has no sonic mopping function. I would say the mopping function works well on less serious stains or specks of dirt.

If you stay in a multistorey house, the ROIDMI App allows you to save different floors to do its job.

Battery Life

The 5,200 mAh battery offers about 250 minutes of cleaning time. It would automatically charge when the cleaning is completed or the battery is low. Cleaned two floors which are about 600 sqft combined I still left half of the battery. This would be great for a larger house.

Consumables & Parts Replacement

What comes in the box are the consumable supplies that should easily last 6 to 12 months. There are a total of 5 dust bags (included in the dust collector station), 10 disposable microfibre mops, and an extra HEPA filter that can filter up to 99% allergens out of the air.


ROIDMI also made all these consumables for sale including its parts accessories like brushes, power adapter, and more on their official Shopee & Lazada stores.

Where to buy

You can get the ROIDMI EVE Plus from RM 1,588 which comes with a 12 months warranty – Shopee (SSuperDeal) It also comes in black color that offers higher power suction at 3,200 Pa.

Learn more about the ROIDMI EVE Plus: ROIDMI

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ROIDMI EVE Plus Review
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Is the ROIDMI EVE Plus worth buying? At RM 1,588 which includes the dust collector station, I would say it’s absolutely worth it. There aren’t many competitor robot vacuums that are able to offer similar features at this price range.

It’s a godsend if you have children and pets at home when you need to sweep or vacuum the house frequently. Now, you don’t even need to lift a finger to clean the vacuum’s dust compartment for weeks as it would automatically empty out to the dust collector station. I can be lazy and spend more time on things that are important to me.