[REVIEW] Yes 4G. 7 Reasons Not To Subscribe Unless Having It As Your Secondary SIM (Maybe Not At All)

YTL Communications Sdn Bhd launched it new Yes 4G LTE network on 30th June 2016. There are five Postpaid plans and four monthly prepaid plans.

Here are 7 reasons why you should not subscribe to Yes 4G LTE

1. Poor Coverage
The company claims that it has over 85% network coverage nationwide (human population coverage) based on 4,200 base stations on WiMAX and LTE. Based on 2 weeks use as my primary line, i find that the coverage is not as good as what I expected. The usability in real life is only 40% or less in Klang Valley.

The Yes 4G has very poor signal and almost zero coverage inside buildings and shopping malls.

2. Limited to 4G Network Only
This is a nightmare when you can only rely on 4G to make/receive phone calls whereby other telco operators are able to solve the poor coverage with 3G/Edge. Yes 4G is on its own, making no 4G mean you will not able to make or receive important calls.

3. 4G Network at HSDPA/HSDPA+ Network Speeds
Performed few Speedtest and I’m getting around 5Mbps to 30Mbps only on the Yes 4G LTE. Whereby I can get better speeds and better coverage on Celcom 3G and U Mobile 3G. This doesn’t live up as what claimed high-speed 4G LTE internet speeds.

4. Double Double Data Just A Gimmick
The double data quota is shared with 4G LTE + 4G Broadband. The quota is split individually to 4G LTE for your smartphone and broadband via a Yes Huddle XS 4G Mobile Hotspot or Yes Zoom 4G. The data doesn’t combine and shared between.

You will not able to utilized all the data unless your bring the Mobile Hotspot along and by tethering the internet via hotspot, do expect internet speed degradation.

5. No Unlimited Calls
Unlimited calls are getting norm for all telco now and provide quite a decent internet quota data. Yes 4G LTE is charging to make off-net phone calls and SMS with the rate of RM 0.09/min and RM 0.09/SMS.

There are some special numbers charges like TM Directory Enquiry (100/103) at RM 2/call, TNB (15454) at RM 0.35/min, Talian Nur (15999) at RM 0.35/min and Voicemail (121) at RM 0.09/minutes.

6. Limited VoLTE HD Voice Calls
Yes 4G LTE is the first VoLTE HD Voice Calls capability service introduced in Malaysia but this only applicable to both parties that has VoLTE enabled smartphone and network. Meaning for now only Yes 4G users is enjoying it..

7. Limited 4G LTE Supported Devices
Yes 4G uses the TDD-LTE network standard that is not commonly use in Malaysia thus it has limited supported devices including the world’s best-selling smartphone, Apple iPhone.

Currently the supported devices are only limited to;

• Yes Altitude
• Samsung J1 (2016)
• Samsung J1 (2016)
• Samsung J5 (2016)
• Samsung J7 (2016)
• Samsung Galaxy Note 5
• Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
• Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
• Xiaomi Mi 5
• Xiaomi Mi Max

In conclusion, Yes 4G LTE will never be an option to be primary phone line unless you keeping it as secondary SIM for data use only (only if they has improved their network coverages). I don’t see any improvement by the company ever since it launched Yes 4G WiMAX years ago.

Disclaimer: Above is just my personal opinion about Yes 4G LTE after use for 2 weeks. No intention of condemning the brand or what so ever.

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