[REVIEW] Xiaomi Yi Ants WiFi Camera with Night Vision. It’s A Perfect Yet Cheap Home Security Solution

Xiao Yi a sub-brand from Xiaomi has couple of few camera like Xiao Yi Action Camera and also this Xiao Yi Ants Smart IP Camera.

I received an unit of the camera from www.dd4.com for quick checkout as we can’t get it officially here in Malaysia.

Here’s an unboxing video of the Xiaomi Yi Ants Smart IP Home Camera.

What’s inside the box?

• Xiaomi Yi Ants Camera
• User Manual in Chinser
• 2 meter microUSB Cable
• 2 pin 5V/1A Power Adapter

This smart IP camera allows you to view your house situation and have immediate recording as well alarm by sending notification to your Android or iOS smartphone.

The camera features 4x digital zoom, 720p HD resolution recording, night vision support and 111 degrees field of view. It has a built-in microphone and speaker that allows you to have two-way talks.


Because this a China set, it would speak in Mandarin during the setup. But the setup is quick easy and fast that doesn’t even need to understand mandarin.

The Yi Camera apps that can be downloaded on Play Store, some may not works due to China’s firmware camera but you can download the .apk file and install it manually HERE. Don’t worry, it will follow your system language, if you have it in English then it will shows in English.

As for iOS, you can install the app from App Store “Yi Home Camera

Important: If you purchased the China version of this camera, do not update the firmware of the camera, else it will disable the camera to continue use. You need to flash back the old firmware only it can be use.


Now you can connect your Yi Ants Camera with the microUSB cable and power adapter. It also supports any USB port that able have power output 5V/1A which that also work from your TV, your home router, your PC and etc.

Once you powered it on you will see a orange LED light flashing and hear a voice in speaking in Mandarin “Waiting to connect”. Launch your app and find (+) logo on the top-right to add camera.

Press the I heard “Waiting to connect” then select your WiFi’s SSID and key-in your WiFi’s password.

Once you pressed “Next” it will prompt you with a QR code. Point the code to the camera and it will auto configure. Wait for about 2-3 minutes and you will able to use the camera.

If you failed to connect, you can redo by resetting the camera and follow again the setup.

Performance & Quality

Because it supported WiFi, the setup and placement of the camera is rather flexible and easy. The image quality is quite good for an IP camera especially it can shoot at 720p and has night vision. The ultra wide viewing angle is very good that can cover a room easily

It also has motion detection where it would record a 6 seconds video and send the notification video to your smartphone. Don’t worry about the video size as it has compressed and quite small.

Since the Xiaomi Yi Ant Camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, you can use it to communicate through the camera and send warning to an intruder that the police is coming.

When you have a microSD card inserted to the camera, it will continue loop record the video so you will not get memory full. If a microSD card isn’t inserted, alerts of a short video will also send to your smartphone and you may download it to your smartphone or record a video during your live preview from your phone.

It will prompt you a list of activity alerts through your smartphone and you can preview back again the video by a button away.


It’s a great smart IP camera that can be install without the need of tedious wiring installation and wall hacking. You can use it as your house security camera as well baby monitor. It’s a perfect and cheap home security solution.

The Xiaomi Yi Ants Camera is now offering for US$ 53.98 and for limited time you may purchase this camera for 50% off, meaning it only cost US$ 26.99 with free international shipping.

Buy it from: http://bit.ly/xiaoyi-ipcamera

Promo code: 465PQV6083R1627224

Expiration date : 14th May, 2016
Quantity Limit: 1 unit per account (you must register an account with dd4.com)

UPDATE – 18/5/2016


Expiration date : 16th June, 2016
Quantity Limit: 1 unit per account (you must register an account with dd4.com)

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