[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mi Car Charger. Premium & Full Metal Built In-Car Charger

Not all smartphone are able to last you a full day usage when you are a heavy user and always travelling. In-car charger comes in handy when you need to charge your smart devices while driving or you using it as a GPS navigator which consume much more juice to keep the GPS chip & display on throughout the journey.

Xiaomi introduced Mi Car Charger late last year and it has finally reached to our shore. I’ve gotten an unit of the Mi Car Charger and my first impression of the charger was “heavy and premium” It’s because of the full metal built and does feel like a real USB charger should be unlike those cheap plastic in-car charger.

It has dual USB output that provide charging output of 5V/3.6A and both ports supported 5V/2.4A that can supports tablet charging and even MacBook. Xiaomi claims that it uses World-class chips that improve charging conversion rate, stabilize discharging voltage with advanced resistance-capacitance sensor to optimize efficiency and durability

It has a eye-pleasing glowing white light when plugged into the 12V cigarette port.

The Xiaomi Mi Car Charger is selling for RM 35 and you may purchase it from Mi Malaysia Store

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