[REVIEW] Transcend TS-RDC2 USB Type-C OTG with Smart Card Reader

The reversible USB Type-C has becoming standard connector on all new devices that covered smartphone, tablets and also PC/Mac.

Reversible USB Type-C connector

Transcend has this Type-C Smart Card Reader, TS-RDC2 which designed specifically with the next-generation USB Type-C. It has a SD card slot, microSD card slot and also the conventional USB Type-A that allows users to connect USB accessories or devices such as flash drive, I/O device like keyboard and mouse.

It has a compact and light design and making it great travel companion if you often do backup and files transfer.

SD and microSD card slots.

The TS-RDS2 smart card reader works perfectly fine on Android devices, latest MacBook Air and as well PC with USB Type-C. This gave an alternative way to expand its storage capacity at the same times make space for an additional USB port. (noted that the microSD card slot and SD card slot doesn’t work simultaneously)

Conventional USB Type-A port

It’s very small and compact. Connected to my daily driver LG G5

If you are using it on your Android device, it has this Transcend Elite App that features File Management, File Encryption and One-touch Backup by inserting memory card or USB flash drive. It uses 256-bit AES Encryption and can back up photos, videos, documents, songs and others important files that stored on your Android devices at ease.


Smartphone and tablet has become very powerful and slowly taken over computer. It can do almost what a computer can do, in much more portable and mobile manner. The only problem were limited port for I/O and as well storage expansion. Transcend TS-RDC2 come in good hands to enabled you to fully utilize what’s your devices can do.

The Transcend TS-RDC2 is retailing at RM 139 and comes with 2 years warranty. It’s also available on Lazada Malaysia for under RM 90.

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