[REVIEW] Pioneer USB Type-C Multiport Adapter APS DKMT01

Pioneer, one of the pioneer (puns intended) specialized in digital audio entertainment products ventured into PC/Notebook components by announcing storage (2.5-inch & M.2 SSD) and USB Type-C series products; Docking Station, Multiport Adapter and external pocket-sized portable SSD.

When notebook has gotten slimmer and lighter, communication ports get axed off to save space and only rely on 1 or maybe 2 USB Type-C / Thunderbolt for storage transfer, display output, wired network and etc. Carrying a dongle is unavoidable and will have to embrace sooner or later.

Pioneer has sent us the USB Type-C Multiport Adapter APS DKMT01 for review.

Basically, the adapter offers communication port that come short with your Notebook, eg; RJ45 Network Port, USB Type-A, VGA & HDMI. The Multiport adapter has a High-speed Gigabit Network port, USB 3.1 Type-A, 15-pins VGA port and full-sized HDMI 1.4 port.

The Pioneer USB Type-C Multiport Adapter uses plastic on the entire body and attached with a short USB Type-C cable. It’s very small and lightweight. The cable length is just right as it works as a dongle for quick connect to other devices like external monitor, network port, and keyboard & mouse.

It works on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS 10 Sierra & above. The connections are seamless, just Plug-and-Play and all drivers are detected except the Gigabit Network on MacOS need to install an Ethernet driver that can be downloaded at Pioneer official website: www.pioneer-iot.com

This adapter is perfect for those who are always on the move with their Notebook and need extra ports. The HDMI support up to 4K resolution @ 30Hz and Full HD resolution @ 60Hz with the VGA port. It will only work one display output at the same time.

Besides using this USB Type-C multiport adapter on a notebook, it also works on a smartphone that supports USB Type-C. I’ve tested it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, it recognized the HDMI port and USB-port when peripheral connected to it.

Because the adapter doesn’t supply any power it will drain the power from the connected device, it’s not really suitable to use your smartphone as workstation unless it can be charged wirelessly. It’s good to know that it can be connected to the smartphone and share your contents on the big screen.

The Pioneer USB Type-C Multiport Adapter is available on Lazada Malaysia for RM 229.

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