[REVIEW] Moto 360. Android Wear’s First Smartwatch with Circular Display. Still Worthy?

Display & Built

Moto 360 is one of the first couple of Android Wear watches and it’s the first to have a circular display which stand out the most if compare to others square smartwatch. Although it doesn’t have a perfect round because there is a small black bar at the bottom where the ambient light sensor settled down (automatically adjust the display brightness). The black bar didn’t bother me much as it’s quite small and when you have a black watch face display it’s unnoticeable.

The screen of the smartwatch is only 1.56-inch with a resolution of 320 x 290 which pushed 205ppi. It may not have high density display but it’s acceptable for such small screen display and most of the time the notification texts is quite big so you won’t be able tell the low resolutions. The screen is protected with Gorilla 3 corning which is important as the surface of the screen is protruding to catch scratches.

At the back of the Moto 360 is an optical heart rate sensor and no charging pins like others Android Wear smartwatch. It has a built-in Wireless Charging and it supported widely uses Qi Wireless Charger. The wireless charger stand that comes with it is very nice and it will turn into cool charging face when it’s charging. You can even use the phone Qi’s Wireless Charging pad to charge the Moto 360.

Not that’s all, this watch has IP67 rating which has complete protection against dust and liquid immersion up to 1m that fit what normal watch that can.

Flexibility selection of strap.

The Moto 360 uses a standard 22mm spring-loaded pin for the connection. Thus you can buy any strap or even bracelet to match with the Moto 360.

Some may find the smartwatch is pretty thick and big. The Moto 360 surprisingly light which only weigh at 49g with leather band. The size is very subjective whether you can accept a big face watch like G-Shock. In fact I find it quite nice wore by lady.

Software & Apps

Currently it run on the latest Android Wear 5.0.2 and upgrade-ready with Android Wear 5.1.1 which bring major features including WiFi-enabled, draw emoji, new UI and more. Android Wear has a lot flexibility in customising watch faces with Moto Connect app and third party-app like WatchMaker & Facer.

Changing watch faces is easier than you change clothes. Match your watch face to suit your attire of the day.

Battery life. 

There was some fuss about weak battery as it has only 320mAh. There are always bugs found on preliminary software especially the newly developed Android Wear OS. There were few updates rolled out for Moto 360, till date is Android Wear 5.0.2 that actually ironed up the high battery consumption problem. I’ve been using the smartwatch for few days now. A full charge can last me till 20-30% left when I reach home (that is 7am – 9pm). I don’t find it a problem for me to charge it daily as I only need placed it on the Wireless Charger dock and it will be fully charged in less than an hour.

So the ultimate question, does it still worth to purchase it now since there’s rumor of second generation of Moto 360 is announcing soon? 

Moto 360 was once the most expensive Android Wear wearable smartwatch selling at US$ 250 and now the price has slashed almost to half which selling at US$ 160 & US$ 130 (refurbished) in the United States and some others countries which they ships to.

Earlier when Moto 360 was announced the importer selling it in Malaysia at around RM 1,200 – RM 1,500. Now when the local distributor bring it in the price has gone down much lower at SRP RM 919 by Brighstar Distributor. Due to that reason, some importers now selling the AP set at much lower price at RM799 which you can find it on Lazada, Mudah.my & Lelong.com.my

My comment whether this smartwatch is worth to purchase? I would definitely say YES! Reasons?

  • Although the second generation of Moto 360 is coming, it may not reach to Malaysia that soon. It may take maybe a year like what happen to current Moto 360.
  • Importer may bring in at sky high price. Unless you have a friend or relative stay in the country that can purchase the new generation of Moto 360. The shipping and taxes are not cheap
  • The Android 5.1.1 which bring major update and WiFi are enabled will be updated on this current Moto 360. This tells that the current hardware in Moto 360 is still compatible and kicking.
  • Unlimited Face Watches is available for free or purchase and you can even create your own design.
  • Universal 22mm strap connector where you can interchange any band that you like.
  • A nicer designer watch would cost you easily RM 400 – RM 1,000 that only 1 design. With Moto 360 you can have all sort of designs in one watch plus a heart rate sensor.
  • Battery not really a concern since charging the Moto 360 is effortless thanks to its wireless charging system
  • IP67 rating where you can use it as normal watch that against dust and liquids.
  • Can work standalone without pairing with your smartphone on the new Android 5.1.1 update that Moto 360’s WiFi chip are enable.
  • Lastly it still one of the best looking Android Wear smartwatch for now and it has been a quite eye catching smartwatch whenever I wore it.

If you are planning to get one and not sure you will regret buying it now, you may wait for the second generation of Moto 360 to announce. Rumor said it might happen on the coming Google I/O event on 28th May 2015.

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