[REVIEW] Edifier W830BT Wireless Headphone – Flawless Budget Wireless Headphone

About a year ago, I’ve reviewed the Edifier W800BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphone and I’m still rocking it as my daily work and leisure headphone. There are hate and love of this headphone, it will never be in my travel gears list not because of the size, but the earcups don’t swivel or fold. It heavily plastic-built and this made me worry breaking it if I place it in my backpack. The good things about the W800BT it’s lightweight, comfortable soft-earcup and not to be forgotten, super long battery life.

Last week Inter-Asia sent us another Bluetooth Wireless Headphone, W830BT which eliminated all the flaws of the Edifier W800BT. It has much premium built, swivel 90° earcups and comes with a protective travel case.

So let’s begin with the unboxing and what’s comes with the headphone;

▪ Edifier W830BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphone
▪ 3.5mm Audio Cable (male-to-male)
▪ microUSB Cable
▪ Travel Case
▪ User Guide

As for the specification;

▪ 40mm Drivers
▪ Bluetooth 4.1 Supports HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP Protocol
▪ CSR8645 Chipset with AAC and AptX Audio Decoding
▪ 20Hz – 20KHz Frequency Response
▪ 96dB SPL
▪ 24Ω Impedance

▪ 95 Hours Continous Playback / 1,440 Hours Standby

Design & Built Quality

The Edifier W830BT is a clean minimalist look design especially the white-beige garnish with some gold color touch. The padding on the earcup and overhead band are very soft and plushy. It uses aluminum sliders instead of plastic which I much appreciated.

On the right side of the earcup are the multi-function (Volume & Power buttons) with LED indicators and microphone for you to answer calls. The multi-function button has a raised surface and located slightly to the rear is easy to access with your thumb. It also works Play/Pause, Next/Previous, Dial Last Calls and also summon Google Assistant/Siri.

The left earcup occupied with NFC and microUSB port to charge the W830BT. It also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack for those who would prefer trusty-cable over wireless.

As for comfort and fit, over-the-ear headphone are way more comfortable than on-the-ear when you going to wear it long hours. The cushioning and clamping tension is just right.


This headphone comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) which allow easier pairing with smartphone that feature NFC. By just tapping to the NFC logo to establish a connection.

If your device is not NFC compatible, you still can performance the old-school way by holding the power button for 5-seconds to enter into pairing mode. Launch your phone’s Bluetooth to scan the headphone, you will see Edifier W830BT in the list, and tap to connect. It should automatically reconnect whenever you powered on the headphone.

With the new Bluetooth 4.1, the W830BT is capable to connect up to two devices simultaneously. It also AptX compatible like the Edifier W293BT that we have reviewed previously.

Sound Quality

I’ve tried and tested tracks by Nora Jones, Queen and Michael Jackson. It’s not that bassy as compared to the W800BT, it’s more toward to neutral. The separation of drums kick and bass guitars are separated clearly. The vocals are clear and detailed for my liking.

Battery Life

Battery life is the best selling points of the Edifier W830BT, it claimed to have 95 hours of continuous playback or 60 days of standby time. This is simply remarkable and during my one week of test, I didn’t even have to charge it and it still going strong.

Price & Verdict

The Edifier W830BT Bluetooth headphone has checked most of the best headphone features and I can’t really find any flaws. The premium built, long battery life and low price point for its range deserved to get noticed as a great value Wireless Headphone on the market.

It’s available over at Lazada Malaysia for just RM 299 with two colors options; White and Black