[REVIEW] Edifier W828NB – Bluetooth 5.0 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

Active Noise Cancelling headphone is something you would appreciate when you travel frequently no matter on a flight or on daily commuters. We have reviewed a few Edifier ANC headphones; W860NB and W330NB which we love it very much.

What we have today is a mid-range headphone Edifier W828NB. It’s an over-the-ears headphone with Edifier W820BT silhouette that we reviewed previously and now it comes with active noise cancelling plus improved Bluetooth 5.0.

Let’s do a quick unboxing and see what included in the box.


If you are familiar with the Edifier brand, they have recently updated their logo. They the new 3 lines claws replaced with the normal “EDIFIER” text. It’s found on the box and also on the back of the earcups.

It has an exact design with the W820BT that can be folded and have soft and plushy earcups and the overhead band. The clamping tension is just right and comfortable. Overall build quality is pretty solid with multi-direction swivel and metal headband structure.

At the back of the right side earcup located the power/multimedia button and physical volume rocker buttons. microUSB charging port at the bottom of the right earcup.

While of the left earcup is the ANC switch toggle that works independently. Meaning you will still able to mute the outer noise without switching on the headphone. There’s a 3.5mm audio jack if your headphone out of juice or music player that has no Bluetooth connectivity.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the headphone is pretty balance with slight high on the bass. This is quite a signature sound from Edifier. I do notice the bass will go slight low along with the treble when the ANC’s switch on which is more pleasing for my taste.

The white noise pollution seems improved over the W860NB and I would sometimes switch on the ANC without music played when I enjoy “me time”

Bluetooth 5.0 is well appreciated for stable connection and freedom to walk around my living room without picking up my phone along where I go.

Battery Life

Battery life is a stronghold on most Edifier Headphones that use dual batteries setup that gives a long battery usage. On paper, the W828NB should give more than 25 hours of playback with ANC on. For almost daily use and two trips to Hanoi and Phuket, my headphone battery still going strong for almost 3 weeks now.

As mentioned earlier, the ANC does works independently thus remember to turn off the ANC toggle switch after using the headphone as it will drain the battery even if you turned off the headphone power.

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Edifier W828NB Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
  • Design
  • Build
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Value


The Edifier W828NB is a mid-range headphone with Active Noise Cancelling at RM 399. It’s a great headphone for frequent travellers who are looking for an ANC headphone that won’t burn your wallet.

It checked most of the boxes of what a good headphone should have. If you are willing to fork up an additional RM 100, you can consider the Edifier W860NB that features Qualcomm aptX, smart touch control and a hardshell travelling case. Do check out our review HERE!


  • Decent Build Quality
  • Foldable & Compact Design
  • Improved ANC Performance
  • Balance Sound Quality
  • Great Battery Life


  • Soft Pouch instead Hardshell Case

You can get the Edifier W828NB now from Lazada Malaysia at RM 399 with two colour options; White or Black