[REVIEW] Edifier W800BT Headphone – One Solid Bass Wireless Headphone

The era of wireless is getting near where more and more new devices settling with wireless functions. Eg; Wireless Network, Wireless Storage, Wireless Display, Wireless Charging and Wireless Earphone/Headphone. There are a few phones out there has ditched the standard 3.5mm audio jack completely and fully relying on wireless headphone when needed. Wireless headphone usually don’t come cheap but if you really looking for one but are not willing to pay so much? Well, the Edifier W800BT may fit your budget.

Features and Specs

• 40mm Neodymium Magnet Driver
• 32 Ohm Impedance
• 20 Hz – 20 kHz Frequency Response
• 100 dB Sensitivity (SPL)
• Bluetooth 4.0 with AVRCP and A2DP Profile Support
• Multifunction Button (Volume, Playback Control & Answering Calls)
• 3.5mm Headphone port for Alternative Wired Connection
• 35 Hours Playback Time & 800 Hours Standby Time
• Microphone for Answering Calls
• Soft-leather Earpads & Headband

What’s inside the box?

The packaging of the Edifier W800BT is very simple and it comes with the headphone, AUX male-to-male cable, microUSB charging cable and the user manual. The 3.5mm AUX cable is a custom color-matched following the headphone body color and it also feature gold plating too. Wish it comes along with a pouch/case.


The Edifier W800BT has a very minimalist design, with a concentric circle pattern on the ear-cups flat surface giving an impression it’s not made out of plastic in matter facts, the W800BT is made entirely of plastic including the headband sliders. This wasn’t a bad things though, the headphone is very much light as what I expected and it’s does feel robust material of plastic.

On the right ear-cup it has the multi-function button (Power/Playback Control/Answering Calls) with LED indicators and on the side edge is the volume rocker. Below of the earcap is a microUSB for charging the W800BT and a microphone located bi-direction to mouth when wearing it. On the left ear-cup is a 3.5mm audio jack for those who would prefer trusty-cable over wireless.

The padding on the ear-cups and headband is very soft and plushy, it’s thick and give better cushioning-grips for more supports. The earcups doesn’t swivel or fold for easier storage and this make me worry breaking it inside my backpack.

I uses the Edifier W800BT on my phone and as well on my notebook. The connection is very straight-forward Bluetooth pairing. By press-and-hold for 3 seconds the multimedia button, it will be powered up and a blue LED light would start flashing. If you continue hold for 5 seconds, it will goes into discovery mode where the Bluetooth pairing take place, the LED would flash red and blue alternately.

The audio output from the Edifier W800BT is more to high frequencies and punchier bass. The vocals has pretty much in low frequencies when bass kicked in. Since headphone has solid bass, I played “Mask Off by Future” and it’s pleasurable. When comes to vocals and instrumentals W800BT wasn’t that strong but not too shabby.

Battery life was superb, Edifier claims 35 hours of music playback and up to 800 hours of standby. I’ve been using it for 4 days without turning it off and it still kicking, thanks to the low-power Bluetooth 4.0. If the headphone ran out of juice, the included AUX cable is here to help.

Did I mentions the W800BT has microphone for phone calls? It works perfectly fine and other end able to hear me well enough.


The Edifier W800BT is priced at only RM 199 and you may get it for RM 179 from Lazada Malaysia with local warranty. It comes with three color options; Black, Red and White.

This is one solid bass wireless headphone that won’t burn your wallet. Despite full plastic built but it’s very robust and light weight. It has an impressively good battery life.

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