[REVIEW] Edifier W330NB – Neckband Bluetooth Headphone with Active Noise Cancelling

Why this Bluetooth headphone design is a trend? Whom this headphone target?

Some would call them Neckband Headphone and also Collar Headphone. This is a hybrid distinctive modern style of in-ear and around the neck headphone. This headphone is a targetted those who want convenience design and unmatched battery life by any other in-ear headphone.

By having just two short cords connecting to the neckband, you will not have any problem of wire tangling when you placed in your backpack or handbag.

With extra space in the neckband headphone, more electronics or features and bigger battery capacity are able to be packed in. For instance, active noise cancellation; where good ANC would require a more sophisticated electronics to place it somewhere. Either in a huge size in-line controller or bulged earpiece that increased the weight and size. By moving the circuit board in the neckband, the earpiece can stay in compact and light without sacrificing the quality of ANC and give supreme battery life.

Inter-Asia sent us a unit of Edifier W330NB Premium Wireless Neckband Style In-ear Headphone for review. It features Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), high-performance 13mm driver unit and strong 8 hours of continuous playback.

Driver unit – 13mm NdFeB Driver
Bluetooth V4.2
Frequency Response – 20 – 20k Hz
SPL – 100 dB
Impedance – 32 Ohm
Battery – 210 mAh (Up to 8 hours)
Weight – 42g
Supported Profiles – HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP


It comes with the headphone, 3 size earmuffs tips, microUSB cable and a pouch.

The left arm houses the controller of the power button, volume and select songs.

Microphone, ANC switch and microUSB port for charging is located on the right arm of the neckband.

The neckband is made out of TPU which is a flexible plastic that doesn’t pick up smudge and resistant to oil and grease. I can twist the neckband without it changed form.


The Edifier W330NB is very well-designed, featuring easy-to-use playback controls. They are pretty light and comfortable on both, around the neck and the ears.

The earbuds are very close fitting in the ear and the silicon rubber tips make a decent seal for a consistent sound with it also features ANC.

Sound Quality & ANC

The headphone offers pronounced bass and good-sounding midrange. I did find it’s relatively detailed highs without going over the top.

The active noise cancelling works as per advertised and it has a toggle on/off switch on the underside of the right arm. It works independently without the needs to pair with any device. The overall effectiveness of the ANC is pretty substantial especially all the low-end noise which totally stripped away.

Sometimes I would turn on the ANC without playing music sitting on my desk to work. It does help me to concentrate on my work.


Based on the spec sheet, we should get about 8 hours plus which is a little disappointment when it has the space to pack a larger battery pack in the neckband’s arm. I able to use the headphone for about 3 days with roughly 2-3 hours use with ANC enabled needs to be charged. The charging time is about an hour plus to complete charge a depleted battery with the provided microUSB cable.

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Edifier W330NB Bluetooth Neckband Headphone
  • Build
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Value


Personally, I prefer neckband headphone over the overhead headphone where I won’t get messy hair after wearing it.

Edifier W330NB is an affordable premium neckband headphone with Active Noise Canceling. It’s light and comfortable to use even for running or training at the gym. The only downside is the battery life where it only gives about 8 hours of music playback.

The Edifier W330NB is available now for RM 299 over at Lazada Malaysia.