[REVIEW] Edifier W296BT – Checked All The Boxes for Best Wireless Workout Earphone

Today we will be reviewing the Edifier W296BT Bluetooth Wireless earphone that claimed to have 8 hours of battery with a single charge. Just like the Edifier W293BT, the earphone is AptX certified that able to produce enjoyable listening to music at the highest audible quality wirelessly.

• 5.8mm Driver Unit
• 16Ohms Impedance
• 20 Hz – 20 KHz Frequency Response
‍• CSR Chio with Bluetooth 4.1 (Low Power)
‍• Supported protocol: HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
‍• Battery life: 8 hours (300 hours standby mode)
‍• IPX7 Water Resistance

Inside the box are the earphone, operating instructions, microUSB cable, different sizes earbud tips, earphone clip and a round metal container to keep the earphone.

Design & Built

The W296BT has this ear loops design which is perfect for active outdoor or indoor workouts. The soft loops are able to hook on ears perfectly even with intense workouts.

The drivers are encased by an IPX5 earbud shell that shields it from sweat or water shorting out the earphone.

The outer piece of earpieces are made out of metal or aluminum and it has a cable linked on both sides of the earpiece along with the inline controller.

They are comfortable and fit pretty well once you change the correct size of earbud tips.

The inline controller as 3 buttons, +, – and o coated with rubberized materials. Buttons are felt tactile and not too stiff to press.

“+” : Volume increase / next track
“-” : Volume decrease / previous track
“O” : Multi-function key

If you are using iPhone, you can activate Siri by pressing and hold the + & – buttons concurrently. LED indicator is located next to the microphone.

The charging port is covered by a rubber flap which protects any liquid from going in.

Audio Quality

It’s more towards to deep bass that caters to Rock and Pop music lovers. It integrated CVC technology that allows the W296BT to have better noise suppression while keeping noise out.

Although its tend to have more bass, the mid and high weren’t muffled out by the bass. The vocal and instruments sounds are pretty well separated in details.


Battery life is not a concern with this earphone as it can last me a week with just a single charge. Based on the spec sheet, it has an 8 hours of continuous music playback or 300 hours of standby.

Edifier W296BT bundled together with an embossed Edifier logo on a metal container case which I find it pretty neat.

Price & Verdict

When comes to sports wireless earphone, stable fit, waterproof durability are ultimately important. You will appreciate the ear loops design as it can hold well even on an intense workout. When comes to audio quality, the bass gave a nice rhythm to follow during workouts and at the same time delivers clear highs and mids. Edifier W296BT checked all of the boxes.

The Edifier W296BT comes in three color options; Black with Gold, White with Gold and Black with Red. The price is ranging from RM 279 to RM 298 where you can get it from the official/authorized Edifier in Lazada Malaysia. If you are more into casual wear, I would highly recommend the Edifier W293BT/Edifier Oxygen which is more value for money.

Build – 8/10
Design – 8/10
Sound Quality – 8.5/10
Comfort – 9/10
Battery Life – 9/10
Value – 8.5/10

Overall – 8.5/10

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