[REVIEW] Edifier W295BT Plus – Wireless Sport Bluetooth Earphone

We have done an unboxing video of the new Edifier W295BT Plus earphone over on our YouTube Channel and you can check it out here;


I’ll be skipping the unboxing and head over to the earphone review. The Edifier W295BT Plus is a new type of earphone that I never used before. The over-the-ear wire that hooks over our ear can mould to any curve shape to fit our ears. The weight on the earpiece was balanced with it and stay fit on our ear. It’s very comfortable I would say and it stays on very well even with eyeglasses on

The three-button inline controller reminded me of the Edifier Oxygen. It’s very stiff and kinda hard to press sometime. The controller allows us to adjust volume, playback control and as well as answering calls. It has a microphone built into the controller.

The W295BT Plus features Bluetooth V4.1 with CSR and Qualcomm aptX technology. You will get better sound quality if your device is aptX compatible. It also has an IPX5 rating that splash and sweat proof for any sport activities.

Sound Quality

The sound quality was above average. The sound stage is pretty wide and the low-end frequencies are pretty noticeable thanks to the huge 10mm drivers. This is a perfect set of earphones that appreciate bass and EDM genres. It does give movement motivation when the beats hit.

Battery Life

Edifier W295BT Plus has dual battery features at 85mAh on each earpiece. The company claimed it has 12 hours of battery life which easily can last a whole day you with just a single charge. On my test with the Samsung Galaxy S10e, I let it runs at 50% volume for almost 7 hours, the battery still showing 60% left. This is one beefy battery life for a small sport earphone.

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Edifier W295BT Plus
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Overall, this is a great sport earphone for the price of RM 199. It comfortable and fit pretty well even with eyeglasses. Not forgetting, it has long-lasting battery life.

It comes with 4 colours combo; Black/Gold, Blue/Black, Red Black and White/Gold.

If you are interested, you may purchase it from Edifier’s Official store on Lazada Malaysia