[REVIEW] Edifier TWS200 (Lolipop) aptX Earphone

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There are more demands on True Wireless Stereo earphone when a lot of smartphone brands ditched 3.5mm audio jack. Option out there are wide especially smartphone brand also released their own TWS and Apple Airpods is one of the most sellable. Thus, there are more clones with Airpods-like design released in the market and most of it is just for its looks.

Edifier is a reputable brand when comes to speakers, headphone and also earphone. They are joining the bandwagon on releasing a quality TWS open design with hard buds that don’t seal off your ear canal. Edifier TWS200 or some calls it Edifier Lolipop.

Specs of Edifier TWS200 (Lolipop)

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX Audio Decoding
  • 13mm LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) Drivers
  • 96dB Sensitivity
  • 28 Ohm Impedance
  • IPX4 Dustproof and Waterproof
  • CVC 8.0 Dual-mic Noise Cancelling
  • Touch-control
  • 6 Hours + 18 Hours (Charging Case)
  • Colour options; White and Black
  • MYR 169 (Lazada Malaysia / Shopee Malaysia)

Design, Fitting & Pairing

Let’s begin with the charging case, it has quite an identical design case with Apple Airpods but slightly shorter. It uses high glossy plastic that the biggest downside where it attracts not only oil smudge but swirl marks.

There’s an LED inside the case that shows the earphone status like power on and pairing.

On the back of the case is a button that use to do pairing and switch TWS mode.

  • Long Press (3 seconds) – Enter Bluetooth Pairing Mode
  • Double Press – TWS Mode
  • Long Press (8 seconds) – Forget Paired Connection

All actions above required the case’s lid to be opened

The bottom of the case is the disappointing microUSB port for charging. It takes somewhere 90 minutes to fully charge flat earphone.

Unlike earbuds, the earphone only sat outside of your ear just like normal wired earpods and it doesn’t block your ear canal. Some would prefer this design as they can listen to music for long hours without feeling stuffy.

Fitting was just ok and won’t fall off easily thus it’s not ideal for big movement sports activity. Still, this is very subjective as different people would have different ear size canal. Both sides of the earphone have a touch-control but the controls were quite limited.

When paired with two earphones;

  • Double Taps (Left) – Activate Voice Assistant (Google / Siri)
  • Double Taps (Right) – Answer/End/Play/Pause

When paired with one earphone;

  • Double Taps (Left) – Answer/End/Play/Pause
  • Double Taps (Right) – Answer/End/Play/Pause

Although the tap control was quite limited, the music track and volume can actually be controlled through voice assistant from Google or Siri. It’s always good to have volume and track control within your fingertip.

The Edifier TWS200 doesn’t support Google Fast Pair that found on the OPPO Enco Free and realme Buds Air, instead just like it’s others TWS earbuds where it will auto-connect when the earphone is taken out from the case. The connection was pretty fast and probably delay like a second or two.

To pair the TWS200 is just open the case’s lid to power it on, press and hold the button on the rear for 8 seconds. The LED will blink white and red rapidly, then turn on your smartphone/tablet/PC Bluetooth settings and click pair.

Sound Quality & Voice Call

Because it’s not an in-ear earphone you will not able to taste the full dynamic range of the sound because you were still able to hear external noises. The 13mm drivers can go really loud and the left-right stereo syncronizing is pretty spot on.

The signature of bass is still present with decent mid and high. The vocals and instruments separation are presented with great clarity. It offers a quite true-to-life tonality but can have a little rough edge around the bass whenever I tune volume to near max.

Sound latency will always be there on all TWS and the Edifier TWS200 works just fine for video streaming and listening to music. Sound latency is pretty obvious when playing First Person Shooters (FPS) mobile game like COD, PUBG Mobile

With the design of the extended stem, it brings the microphone on the TWS200 much further towards your mouth that enabled better call quality. Call quality is way better than most earbuds but still noticeable voice call through handsfree. Recipients are able to hear you loud and clear.

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Edifier TWS200 Lolipop Review
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  • Features
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery


Edifier TWS200 is not any other clone or knocks off of the Apple Airpods. It delivers great quality sound True Wireless Stereo earphone without breaking your bank. It may lacklustre in some features but they prioritize the sound quality along with brilliant call quality.

The Edifier TWS200 Lolipop is available now for RM 169 with two colour options; Black and White. 


  • Great Sound Quality
  • Clear voice call
  • Up to 24-hour of Battery Life


  • Outdated microUSB
  • Glossy finishing that attracts smudge and swirl marks
  • Limited Touch-control actions


You can get it from Edifier Official Store on Lazada Malaysia

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24 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Edifier TWS200 (Lolipop) aptX Earphone

  1. I bought the TWS200 because I needed a good and cheap possibility to talk handsfree. The contact persons can hear me perfect and clear. That’s all what I wanted. Couldn’t connect them with my Mac yet. If you are looking for a perfect phone call earbud for your Android phone, then the TWS200 are perfect.

  2. Hi, how can I pair both earbuds the same time?
    The instruction says I habe to double click the button on the charging case for TWS Pair but this is not working.
    I can manage the long press and the long delete press but when double clicking nothing happens.
    Any suggestions?

    1. You can only pair either one side of the earbuds. I would highly recommend pairing the left as you can summon Google Assistant, so you can have voice control to music, volume and etc.

      To reset the pairing, you need to press and hold the case button for at least 15 seconds till the LED light blink in red.

      Hope this help

      1. That was it 🙂
        I was a little bit confused as the instruction mentions the (not working) double click and on the phone L and R earbud are found.
        Thank you VERY much!

  3. May I know more about the noise cacellation in a busy street or driving with the windows wind down. thank you

    1. Are you referring to the mic noise cancelling? It has a dual mic on each earbuds that would able to detect voice and surrounding noise to offers a more clear voice call

  4. I tried pairing them with Windows 10 on my PC. It asks for a PIN. No PIN is shown anywhere on the box or instruction sheet.

    1. I able to pair my Edifier TWS200 with my Windows 10 PC without the need of PIN. Just go to Windows’ Bluetooth and other devices settings, add Bluetooth and other devices and tap pair

    2. Hellow there. I have the same problem with my Edifier tws200. When i try to pair them with my desktop it requires pin. On other devices they work properly (without any pin) and my desktop works with other bluetooth devices fine. Have you find a solution?

    1. Certain Android would indicate the earbuds battery on the smartphone itself. As for the case, the red LED at the bottom would blink whenever you open/close the case.

      1 blink – 33% left
      2 blinks – 34% – 66% left
      3 blinks – 67% – 100% left

      1. are you sure for this info?this was the reason that i skip edifier model(battery case indicator).thanks.
        any plan to review onxy ace and fii cc half in ear buds?

        1. I can confirm that is the behavior. There is also a 6 time fast blink which I think means: battery is low and you should charge it.

  5. Firstly Loved your review.
    I am really liking these but I’m confused with the “Double Press – TWS Mode” can you explain what exactly is that feature thanks.

  6. Does it work well with windows 10 for zoom or teams calls? Please elaborate on mic quality for such desktop calls and meetings.

    1. Hi, it works on most operating systems including Windows 10. It will be recognized as headphone for ZOOM & TEAMS meeting. Quality-wise, it’s just ok as it’s still an earbud and still usable.

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