[REVIEW] Edifier TWS2 – Truly Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 Stereo In-ear Earbuds

When more and more smartphone ditching “Mr Jack” the 3.5mm audio port, the phone makers take the opportunity to offer their accessories wireless earbuds like Apple AirPod, HUAWEI Freebuds and Samsung Gear Earbuds. You may have to pay a premium for it thus there are few audiophiles brands out there offering better in term of price and quality.

Edifier, the company that make good quality speakers and headphones sent us their first truly wireless earbuds; Edifier TWS2 after the Edifier TWS3. Don’t get confused with the number, the Edifier TWS2 is the newer earbuds that feature Bluetooth V5.0, IPX4 splash and sweat resistance rating. Besides that, the TWS2 can work individually and answer calls in stereo instead just one side.

Edifier TWS2 Bluetooth Earbuds
• 8mm Magnetic Driver Unit
• Impedance 32Ω
• Sensitivity 94dB
• Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz
• Bluetooth V5.0
• Bluetooth Profile: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
• Bluetooth Distance: 10m
• Battery Life: 3 Hours + 9 Hours (Docking Case)
• Case Charging Time: Approx 1.5 Hours

Here a quick unboxing and hands-on video of the earbuds;


The size of the docking case is 65mm x 30mm x 45mm (W x D x H) and weighs only 151 gram. The docking case is made out of plastic with matte finishing and uses magnetic cover. The earbuds slot has two pins and magnet that hold the earbuds to the correct position. This allows the earbuds to be charged at the same time turned in to standby mode (disconnect with the phone)

Battery LEDs indicator is located on the front and will only be shown when the magnetic cover is open/close.

There is a button on each side of the earbuds that function as below;

Single Press (Left/Right) – Play/Pause/Answer/End Calls
Double Press – Next (Right Button) and Previous (Left Button)
Triple Press (Left/Right) – Command Siri
Press-hold 2 Seconds (Left/Right) – Disconnect
Press-hold 5 Seconds (Left/Right) – Turn off

The LED indicator is located next to the button on both side, Blue indicates it’s connected, Red means low in battery and pairing mode is Blue & Red blinks rapidly.

It comes with three sizes ear-tips and once you match the correct size, it would fit firmly in your ear’s canal. The noise isolation is pretty decent and you will still able to hear the noise from outside, particularly when you use the earbuds during commute or jogging.

I was able to run and perform my gym activities without them falling out. The only drawback is no volume button where I need to take out my phone to adjust.


The Bluetooth pairing is pretty straight forward, pick any side of the earbuds and press-hold the button for 5 seconds to turn it off. Then press-hold the button till the LED indicator blinks in Blue & Red rapidly, open your phone’s Bluetooth settings and pair the earbuds by the name “Edifier TWS2”. Both of the earbuds will communicate and connect by itself.

*Touch Wood* in case you lose one piece of any side, it still works standalone. This makes the difference comparing to other wireless earbuds out there.

Sound Quality

As truly Wireless earbuds, the Edifier TWS2 have enough of everything; decent treble extension, bass, soundstage and clarity. The microphone also able to pick up voice clearly and hearable at other ends without any issue.

Throughout a week of tests, we have never encountered any disconnection or drop calls. So far we have yet tested in a crowded area which may have a lot of signals interference. I believe it should perform well as it utilising the Bluetooth V5.0 which is more stable compared it to Bluetooth V4.X.

Battery Life 

Personally, I can’t wear an in-ear earphone design for too long. Three hours of battery life is actually more than enough and there are even 9 more hours of battery with the docking case.

Completely full charge the 500 mAh battery docking case would take about 1.5 hours to charge through microUSB (5V/0.5A) located on the back.


The Edifier TWS2 is carrying a price tag of RM 249 and comes with three colour options; Black, White and Red. It’s available through Edifier Lazada’s Flagship store and also authorized dealers in Malaysia.

Edifier TWS2 Wireless Earbuds
  • Design
  • Build
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery
  • Value


The Edifier TWS2 is a truly wireless stereo earbuds that cost half of what others offered without fell short in its sound quality, features and battery life.

• Bluetooth V5.0
• Truly Wireless Earbuds
• Small & Light
• Good Fit For Most Ears

• No Volume Button
• No Google Assistant

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