[REVIEW] Edifier P690 Foldable On-ear Headphone with Inline Mic. Great Music Travel Companion Headphone

This is my second headphone review from Edifier. The unit that I received is a foldable on-ear headphone and it comes with an inline mic. So it works great for those who in need of microphone.

Features and Specs

• 40mm Neodymium Magnet Driver
• 38 Ohm Impedance
• 20Hz – 20kHz Frequency Response
• 98dB Sensitivity (SPL)
• Microphone with Answering Button
• 1.3m long 3.5mm Cable Length
• Adapter Cable
• User Manual
• Travel Pouch
• Folded and Tilted 90-degrees
• Soft-leather Ear-caps

At first glance, I was thought it is an open baffle headphone as the rear ear cups feature chrome rim along with aluminum mesh and unfortunately it’s an enclosed headphone. The P690 has a solid construction uses high quality plastic with stainless steel strip insert along the headbands.

The headband expands 20mm on either side for ideal fitting.

P690 designed with a 90-degrees outward tilt and a 33-degrees inward fold so it can be kept in compact and portable.

The headband is pretty thin and the ear-cup soft foam leather is very cushy making it very comfortable on my ears.

It comes with a handy traveling pouch

The Edifier P690 is small, light but sturdy, making it an ideal travel companion. The clamping force is just right but it tend to slide off a bit when I make big movement. One thing I like P690 is the single wire from left ear-cup instead of two wires which I find it quite inconvenience. Having in-line microphone good if you are using it on your smartphone and you can answer your calls with a button.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for a compact headphone. Can’t detect any kind of distortion in any level of volume, song or instruments. The vocals are clear with good mid tones and decent bass. Because the ear-cup doesn’t really cover whole ear thus the noise isolation is hardly there that I tend to volume up when I’m in public. Oh ya! There are no volume control on the inline mic, so I can only adjust the volume from the source.


As expected from Edifier, the Edifier P690 is a good compact headphone. It has a premium built and solid construction with high quality materials. The only drawback is no volume control on it. Overall the Edifier P690 definitely a good and bang-for-buck deal headphone.

The Edifier P690 is now retailing at RM 199 and currently Edifier Malaysia is offering at RM 178.90 for limited time only.

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