[REVIEW] Edifier MP233 Speaker. Best Bang For Buck Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC

Features and Specs

• 2x 4.5W Twin 48mm Neodymium Magnet Drivers
• Passive Bass Radiator
• Bluetooth 4.0
• NFC (Near Field Communication) Connection
• AUX Input
• Support microSD Card Playback
• Built-in Li-ion Battery up to 12-hours

The Edifier MP233 comes with 5 color options to choose from; White, Black, Yellow, Red and Blue. The one that I have were the eye catching red. My first impression of this portable speaker is “Heavy” which isn’t a bad thing. Good speaker tend to be heavy and sturdy due to the powerful magnet driver.

It uses high quality plastic materials on the body and as well on the rear and front speaker grills. On the back there’s a microSD card slot for music playback without the need of smartphone/music player. It also have an AUX port if you are playing music from 3.5mm audio jack. Next to the AUX port is the power switch and a microUSB port for battery charging purpose.

The controls on top of the speaker is fairly straight-forward and has huge buttons; Volume, Next/Prev, Play/Pause and Phone Answering. The volume controls don’t actually designed to synchronized with the paired device’s volume but instead adjust it’s own speaker volume.

Next to the Volume Up button is the NFC (Near Field Communication) spot where you can connect this Bluetooth speaker to any NFC-enabled smartphone by a simple tap. The setup was just tap and connect, that’s easy.

Edifier MP233 does take incoming calls via speakerphone mode and it has inbuilt microphone on its for the job. The speaker works pretty great anywhere in the house where it’s portable and have in-built battery that can last 12 hours continuous music playbacks.

This speaker also very pretty well inside car as a Bluetooth speaker for music leisure and answering phone calls. Since it’s USB charged, the charging also can be done via cigga V12 outlet.

Sound performance wise, the twin 4.5W 48mm neodymium drivers is very powerful and capable to fill a reasonable sized room. The audio output were loud and richly detailed even at 80% volume levels. I was impressed with the bass  response and rich tone from this small portable speaker.

The Bluetooth connection were strong and stable where I didn’t encounter any interference or distortion when I placed my phone about 2 to 3 meter away from the Edifier MP233.

The Edifier MP233 is offered in 5 bright vibrate colors; White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue and priced at RM 179. It’s available on both online and offline; Lazada Malaysia and Edifier’s authorized resellers in Malaysia.


This speaker is very well built and has sturdy design.The volume output certainly sound twice its size and definitely a best back for buck portable Bluetooth speaker. You may have it as part of your house furniture touch.

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