[REVIEW] 70mai Dashcam Pro – The Most Affordable Dashcam with Parking Surveillance

Thank you 70mai for providing this 70mai Dashcam Pro for review. This is the second generation dashcam by the company with added more features and improvement.

Let’s begin with the unboxing video that I made earlier;


  • 70mai Dashcam Pro
  • Dual USB Port Cigar Charger
  • 3-meters 90-degree microUSB Cable
  • Pry-tool
  • Electrostatic film x 2
  • Manual
  • Tape mount


  • SONY IMX335 Camera Sensor
  • 140-degree f/1.8 Wide Angle Lens with 6P Glass Lens
  • Resolutions up to 2,592 x 1,944 @ 30fps (H.265)
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in 500mAh
  • Parking-mode (Surveillance Camera Mode)
  • ADAS & E-Dog (Required GPS Module)
  • microSD Card support up to 64GB Class 10 or higher

The built of the 70mai Dashcam Pro is pretty solid like their first gen, 70mai. It included a 2-inch colour LCD display while keeping the design as compact as possible.

Under the 140-degree wide 6P f/1.8 aperture lens is SONY IMX335 that able to record DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap HDR) footages and capable to record up to 2,592 x 1,944 resolutions. This gives a very high quality and details recording.

Myself preferable with 130-140-degree wide instead of 165-degree as the video has more details on the edge of the video and the coverages are more than enough.

70mai Dashcam Pro supports ADAS and E-Dog (Only available in China) which required an optional GPS module. With the ADAS System, it will warn the drivers if any accidental lane shifting and also alert the driver if too close with other vehicles. Unfortunately the review unit I received without the GPS module, thus I unable to test it out.

Besides that, the 70mai Dashcam Pro equipped with voice assistant;

  • Take picture: Take a photo
  • Record video: Record a video and save into a separate event folder
  • Record without sound: The recorded videos will be mute
  • Record with sound: The recorded with will have sound
  • Turn on/off WiFi: Turning on/off of the WiFi dashcam

It will also automatically record an emergency situation when collision detected and save the videos in a separated folder that will not be wiped in the loop-record.

The best feature of this dashcam is the WiFi capability. Aside from transferring videos/photos to the phone, all the settings can be adjusted through the apps. No more buttons pressing on the dashcam. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Out-of-box, the 70mai Dashcam Pro has Parking Mode aka Parking Surveillance. It will auto record when detected any collision or impact on your vehicle in the parking lot. No extra wiring required as the dashcam has an in-built 500mAh battery that can last easily 10-15 minutes emergency recording.

Here are some 1-minute video recorded with 70mai Dashcam Pro;

For installation, you may refer here. The method is pretty much the same;

The 70mai Dashcam Pro can be purchased from 70mai official store on Aliexpress. For standard dashcam without GPS module is US$ 65.99 (around RM 277) and with the GPS module is US$ 76.99 (about RM 323)

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70mai Dashcam Pro
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It’s a step up improvement over its previous version. The new SONY IMX335 sensor is capable to record high resolutions and high-quality videos. The new surveillance parking mode feature is very useful and does not require any additional wiring. For the price less than RM 300, it’s deserved a place in “Best Dashcam 2018”