Pay unifi 30Mbps for RM 39/month** & Get 42″ TV For FREE

unifi has started to offers a rather interesting broadband plan to non unifi users and it’s quite an aggressive one.

Currently, I’m with Maxis Home Fibre for almost 2 years now which I switched from unifi and last week I received a call from unifi that they are offering a quite good deal plan for me to port back to unifi.

First things first, if I port over to unifi I’ll receive a free 42-inch Full HD Sharp TV.

Additional if I’m still having a contract with the current internet service provider, they would even offer a RM 500 cash rebate to compensate the penalty charge for early contract termination. It will be paid off in 10 months with RM 50/month.

Meaning if I would like to subscribe to unifi 30Mbps plan, the first 10 months I would only need to pay RM 39/month then balance 14 months will revert back to RM 89/month.

The TV that they are given isn’t that bad either, it’s a branded 42-inch Full HD Sharp TV which worth somewhere around RM 1,000 to RM 1,200.

The promo is only offered to non unifi customers only and will tied in with the usual 24-months contract.

I have contacted my current ISP to check my current contract status and they asked me why? I told them the offers and they totally aware about it and I asked whether any promo they can counter offer to keep me in? Guess what? She said, sorry we couldn’t do anything at the moment.

So for those who are looking for a brand new TV and with another broadband service beside unifi, you may want to consider them which is quite unbeatable IMHO.

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