OPPO Tops China Market in Q3, Holds No. 4 Global Ranking

Soaring on two consecutive quarters of superb reception for its latest devices, OPPO has for the first time ever taken the top spot for a full quarter in China’s smartphone market, helping it hold firm to its position as the number-four smartphone maker globally.

IDC data shows that the company shipped 25.3 million devices globally in Q3, representing a year-on- year growth of 121.6 percent, the highest among the top-five smartphone brands.

The company’s recent success owes in no small part to the fantastic consumer reception of the “Selfie Expert”F1 Plus (also known in China as the R9). The device has been the top-selling device in China for the duration of Q3, helping OPPO to win 17.5-percent market share in the country during that time, according to IDC data.

Besides the extraordinary performance in the mainland China, OPPO has locked the desirable spot of being No.2 in the South East Asian market in the second quarter of 2016, with around 28 million units of smart phones shipment in the South East Asia region.

In Malaysia, OPPO is now one of the strongest players in the mid-lower range (RM900 to RM1200) tier of the smartphone market in Malaysia. Seizing a 50% sale in the mid-lower range (RM900 to RM1200) market with mere 2 months of sales.

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