OPPO Showed Off Their Prototype Foldable Smartphone – It Looks Like The HUAWEI Mate X

With the race of showing off foldable smartphone by phone makers this year, OPPO also takes this opportunity to catch a glimpse of lights from the Mobile World Congress 2019 event.

The OPPO unveiled their first foldable smartphone – a prototype that has a similar design with the HUAWEI Mate X where the screen is unfolded from back to change into tablet-mode. The bezels look thicker compare it to the HUAWEI Mate X.

On the left side where OPPO placed its camera, LED flash, USB port and OPPO’s branding.

No details on the name or specifications as per according to Brian, OPPO will no commercially release unless there are demands for it.

All the images were shared by Brian Shen, the Vice President of OPPO through his personal Weibo account.

Source: Amanz

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