OPPO Donating Profits of OPPO R9s Black Edition to Charity in Celebrates Ramadhan

OPPO is having a charity campaign to celebrate the holy month with the underprivileged children. The profits of each and every OPPO R9s Black Edition purchased will be donated in-kind and in monetary form to the orphanages.

Neelofa whom endorsed for the OPPO R9s contribute and aid the society member in needs and build a sustainable community overtime  in a charity promote video

“OPPO is growing steadily and sustainably with the time the company operates in Malaysia, and we are grateful for the support that we have been receiving over the years, and in return, we hope to give back to the members of community who are in need. With that in mind, we are donating the profits of every R9s Black Edition sold to purchase daily essentials for the underprivileged children in the orphanage. We hope O-fans will join us in our charity act and help to prepare the arrival of Hari Raya for the children,” said William Fang, Chief-Executive- Officer of OPPO Malaysia.

The company has organized a half-day trip to visit the orphanages nationwide in Malaysia and donation contribution of daily essential items, such as foods, toiletries, book, umbrella, clothing, bag and etc will be made during the trip.

To those who are interested in volunteering to help out and meet with the children are welcomed to sign up at O-volunteering at www.oppomalaysia.com.my/charity17.

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