OnePlus Ditch Invite System with The OnePlus 3. Offline Sales Throughout 7 Cities

OnePlus will be announcing soon its flagship smartphone OnePlus 3 next week where it will be in VR experience like what they did with OnePlus 2. The event kick start at 12.30pm on 14th June 2016 and right after the event, the OnePlus 3 will be opened up to purchase at 3pm on OnePlus‘s official website.

What about those people whom want to buy it offline? Right after the VR launch “The Loop” OnePlus 3 will make appearance at 7 cities pop-up events for fans to experience the OnePlus 3 as well purchase right off on the event.

• New York City – Magnum, 134 Prince St. New York (15th June, 7pm – 10pm)
• Paris – Collete 213 Rue Saint Honore, Paris (15th June, 11am)
• London – Joshua Kane, 53 Brushfield St. London (15th June, 7pm – 10pm)
• Berlin – Firmament Berlin Renaissance (15th June, 7pm – 10pm)
• Mumbai – TBC
• New Delhi – TBC
• Bangalore – TBC

Source: OnePlus

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