Official Unboxing of The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition

Remember the teaser of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition? Guess what? Today Samsung has released an official unboxing video of the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition.

As per expected the color combo of red and gold applied on this model. According to Samsung’s official press release, the limited edition will be available in their in country starting tomorrow which is 27th of May 2015, followed by China and Hong Kong in June.

There are no changes in term of hardware which will have 64Gb of storage. The limited edition device will be including Wireless Charger with an arc reactor design top and as well a clear coat cover that enhances the device’s exclusive design.

The Iron Man edition are preset “Iron Man’s Theme/Launcher”

Check out the official unboxing of Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Limited Edition

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