Nokia Sold It Mapping & Location Services Business HERE to Audi AG, BMW Group & Daimler AG

Nokia has officially announced their next phase of selling off their mapping and location service business HERE to Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG for EUR 2.8 billion (approx. RM 11.8 billion)

HERE is one of the earlier navigation service that uses widely on Symbian (Nokia Maps), Windows Phone, Android and iOS. HERE is also the first to provide offline navigation that is found very useful to those who travel to out of country where internet data are limited.

Selling HERE doesn’t mean that Nokia is exiting the market. Now they have left two divisions, Nokia Networks and Nokia Technologies. Nokia event purchased Alcatel-Lucent in strengthen up in networking equipment and Nokia is also planning to make a comeback into mobile phone business by 2016 after the agreement expired with Microsoft

Via: Amanz Source: Daimler AG

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