No. 1 Sun S2 Smartwatch, Round Circle Smartwatch For Less Than US$ 60

Everything are possible in China including making a round display smartwatch.

This is not their first smartwatch whereby they have their first smartwatch No. 1 G2 which identical with Samsung Gear 2.

The China company name No. 1 come out with their 2nd smartwatch No. 1 Sun S2 with a round display which quite similar to the Moto 360 (No full circle but circle with flat tyre shape)

It uses 44mm watch size stainless steel body, a LCD touch screen, heart rate sensor, 1.3 MP camera (look like a spy cam), Bluetooth and 350 mAh battery. It powered with MediaTek MT6290 CPU and it doesn’t work standalone, it required to be connected to compatible smartphone to get the most features.  What’s the OS? It’s not Android Wear instead  it running on MediaTek Nucleus OS.

It only cost US$ 54.99 with steel strap.

The preview video of No. 1 Sun S2 Smartwatch

Source: No.1, Via: GizChina

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