New Scam Tactic on Lazada Malaysia – Too Good To Be True Offers

There’s a new scamming way that made on Malaysia’s favourite e-commerce platform, Lazada Malaysia.

This how it works that made some people fell for it. First, they will use a real photo of the product then offers a no-brainer price. Example like below;

Samsung Curved 55-inch UHD TV priced for only RM 900.

The fishy part is it offers you with a WhatsApp contact number in the description. When someone posted a question or PM the reseller, he/she will divert the buyer to communicate out of the platform which is WhatsApp.

Then it follows by offering something that the buyer couldn’t get through the platform and ask for a deposit or full payment to his/her bank account.

Similar tactic on a different post and different reseller name but the WhatsApp number is the same

So I dig in further by communicating with the reseller and she demanded deposit or payment out of the platform. I asked whether I can pay through the app, she declined the transaction. If I really make payment via Lazada, there are 101% it will be rejected. The scammer will cancel the order as she has nothing to lose besides receiving a low rating.

She blocked my other number after I revealed them as scammer.

This scamming method wasn’t new but didn’t expect it to reach Lazada. I was thought the resellers were filtered before they can actually do online reselling in their platform. This is a loophole that Lazada Malaysia and buyers need to be careful.

Scammer details;
Name: Zetty Najihah
MBB Acc. No.: 162107126428

Update with a new bank account number;

Name: Mohd Badar
MBB Acc. No.: 162012927661

• Samsung Curved 4K UHD TV
• Panasonic 4K UHD TV

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