New MaxisONE Home Fiber Broadband with Maxperts. Let’s The Expert Do The Job & Enjoy Best Internet Surfing Experience All Time

The price war of fiber internet broadband is not the cup of tea for Maxis. Maxis position it broadband business in a different way. You may not get any lower price from Maxis instead on delivering the best set-up and internet surfing experience for your home.

Maxis introduced a team of installers which they call “Maxperts” that would help you to optimise your WiFi in your home that every part of your home is covered. Maxis also promised to schedule with a 99.9% on time record for installation appointment as well following up. Not that all, they also provide a normal 24/7 support and a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied within 30 days of installation.

This is what Maxperts have been set up to do:
SCAN different rooms and living spaces in your home to detect possible signal interference and understand your family’s internet device needs.
 OPTIMISE your WiFi signal by recommending the best router placement and solutions to increase signal strength and coverage throughout the house for consistently fast internet speeds in every rooms.
SOLVE your internet speeds with the necessary cabling and installations,. Once it’s done enjoy a stable high-speed internet surfing experience on multiple device, all around your home.

Plans wise it may not sound any attractive as what they are offering now. If you are an existing MaxisONE Plan customer, you will get further discount;

MaxisONE Home Plans

• 20Mbps – RM 198 / RM170 (if you are an existing MaxisONE plan customer)
• 30Mbps – RM 270 / RM 220 (if you are an existing MaxisONE plan customer)
• 100Mbps – RM 398 / RM 330 (if you are an existing MaxisONE plan customer)

Any new hardware required to ensure the best wireless connection will be chargeable and reflected to your first month’s billing.

Check out the new promo video of MaxisONE Home

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