[REVIEW] Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus – Game Changer for Laptop

Mobile Pixels may come out with one of the perfect solutions for those who regularly work on a laptop and want the luxury of having a second screen while working on the go. It’s unlike any other portable monitor, it is magnetically attached to the back of your laptop and slides out when you need them.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus

Offered in three sizes, 12.5″, 13.3″ and 14.1″; the DUEX Lite, DUEX Plus, and DUEX Max respectively. I get to try out their DUEX Plus that would fit a 14″ laptop and above.

For unboxing and what comes in the box, you can check my FastView video;

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus Specification

  • 13.3-inch IPS Display
  • 1,920 x 1,080 Resolution
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • 300cd/m2 Max Brightness
  • 2x USB C Ports
  • Dimension: 311 x 215 x 6mm (WxHxD) @ 590grams


The frame that houses the DUEX Plus display attaches to the back lid of your laptop center via magnets. The panel can slide out to the right or to the left depending on your preferences. It has a gyro-sensor built-in, so no additional steps are needed to set up the monitor.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus

Yes! The magnets are here to stay if you want to take off the monitor from the back of your laptop’s lid. If you have 2 laptops that you switch between, you can transfer to monitor over by purchasing additional magnets from Mobile Pixels.

You can swivel the panel slightly forward for closer and better viewing angles. It’s also can be angled 360-degree to the back if you need to do a presentation to viewers who sit across from you.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus

The case can also be used as a stand and prop the panel in portrait mode. But if you want to use the display externally in landscape mode, you will have to buy a separate Origami Kickstand.

It adds about 590grams weight and 6mm thickness in trade for a second display. The DUEX Plus only draws 4.5W and should work with a single USB cable on all modern laptops including smartphones, tablets, and portable game consoles like Nintendo Switch. The second USB is only needed if your device is unable to provide enough power to the monitor.

On the back are three control buttons to control the monitor settings; to adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature settings, and even eye-care mode.

P/S: Magnets on the back of the laptop won’t damage or affect the color of your laptop’s LCD.


The bezels around the display are rather thick which is understandable to make spaces for the mechanism and add integrity to the display.

Features a 60Hz 13.3-inch Full HD resolution IPS display that has great viewing angles and decent brightness for indoor use. Putting side by side with the HUAWEI MateBook 14S, the DUEX Plus was slightly muddy in color and less bright which isn’t huge in gaps.

The monitor is good enough for everyday work use like browsing the web, office applications, and some creative tools that don’t require high color accuracy.

Built & User Experience

It is made entirely with PC ABS and some aluminum alloy, hence it’s quite lightweight at just 590gram. The sliding is not as smooth as I expected and the display would lean backward if your laptop hinges are not strong enough.

Having the DUEX Plus as a secondary display on my laptop for the past few days has been a game-changer for me. It has extended my video editing workspace and I don’t have to squint my eyes to scrub the video timeline. It feels exactly like having an ultrawide monitor designed for multitasking.

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Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus Review
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The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus executed it pretty well by creating a proper secondary monitor for a laptop by adding only a few millimeters of thickness. I strongly believe this could be the next big thing in laptop accessories when they improved the mechanism, the built quality, and more affordable price tag.