Microsoft Unveils Three New Powerbank, 5,200mAh, 9,000mAh & 12,000mAh

Microsoft has just unveiled three new powerbanks for mobile device, 5,200mAh (DC-32), 9,000mAh (DC-33) and 12,000mAh (DC-34) All three powerbanks come with dual USB port that allows charge two device simultaneously and Microsoft claimed it capable to hold the charge for months at a time and would still have up to 80% capacity after several months.

LED indicator are placed next to power indicator button and constantly indicates power level while charging. The powerbank have 5V @ 1.5A input and offer 5V @ 2.1A output. It comes along with a wall charger with 1.5A output that can charge DC-32 in 160 minutes, DC-33 in 280 minutes and DC-34 in 380 minutes. Different countries may just sell the powerbank along without the wall charger. 

The recommended price for these three powerbank:

  • DC-32, 5,200mAh – US$ 35 (approx. RM 129)
  • DC-33, 9,000mAh – US$ 45 (approx. RM 169)
  • DC-34, 12,000mAh – US$ 55 (approx. RM209)
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