Mi USB Car Charger. Look Premium & Blended Well On Your Car Dashboard

Charging your smartphone is playing a very important roles nowadays. Smartphone without battery is like disconnected with the world. Thus powerbank is very popular till now.

Xiaomi has introduced an in-car charger, Mi USB Car Charger where you can charge your devices when you are travelling in car. It goes well to those who often use smartphone as navigator to travel one destination to another destination.

The glowing white light when connected is very eye-pleasing and blended well with your dashboard lighting.

The Mi USB Car Charger doesn’t look cheap and has metallic outer appearance. It has Dual-USB port that provide 5V/3.6A thus its supports tablet charging.

Xiaomi uses World-class chips that improve charging conversion rate, stabilize discharging oltage with advanced resistance-capacitance sensor to optimize efficiency and durability.

The Mi USB Car Charger is priced at RMB 49, that’s about RM 33 or US$ 7 and it’s only available in China.

Source: MIUI

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