Maybank Introduced Face ID & Voice ID on Mobile App. How Secure Are They?

Maybank introduced Face ID and Voice ID access on top on it current fingerprint biometric system. These new methods allow you to login to your M2U app by just scanning your face or voice.

With these new recognition systems, the users are able to login to Maybank Mobile app even the smartphone doesn’t have a biometric fingerprint scanner. Beside that, this also gives the access to the disabled/OKU that doesn’t have hands.

The Face ID only needs a smartphone that has at least a 2-megapixel front camera and microphone enabled.

Worrying the security?

We have done few tests and it’s unable to replicate the access. Check out the video below;

Still if anyone able to access your account, it will only show the account balance and be performing any transactions, a manual login password is required as two steps security.

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