MaxisONE Plan Enjoy FREE 2x Data Upgrade

Good news to all MaxisONE Plan owners, Maxis has announced free 2x data upgrade and almost 1.5 millions MOP will be automatically upgrade with a minimum of 2x more data quota at no extra cost.

This upgrades are automatic and free for all new and existing customers;

This are very similar to what DiGi are doing now which Maxis now providing 20GB data for MaxisONE 98 that breakdown to 10GB all-days and 10GB 4G weekend. The 4G weekend usage mostly will only works within 4G coverage area and if it dropped to 3G and below will charge on the all-days quota usage.

The offers will be rolled out between 15th and 19th November 2016.

More information about the new data quota upgrade

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