Maxis Secretly Offering Maxis Retention Program. You May Want To Call Maxis Before Porting Out

Maxis has been losing quite a lot subscribers due to telco postpaid’s price war like U Mobile Hero Plan, Celcom First Gold & DiGi SmartPlan 75 by offering unlimited calls, huge data and some other services.

There were no reaction from Maxis till few days ago where Maxis offered MaxisONE plans 68 and offers 5GB internet data, unlimited calls & SMS but………… it only applicable for Maxis East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak). Probably this is how Maxis would want to have customer base retention in East Malaysia. This offers actually make a lot loyal Maxis subscribers based in West Malaysia upset and fury for not offering it to them.

In West Malaysia, MaxisONE Plan that offered the same package is MaxisONE Plan 158 where they are required to pay extra RM 90.

Some of the Maxis subscribers in West Malaysia who are on MaxisONE Plan would consider to jumpship anytime to others telco. Before you doing so, you may want to contact Maxis for some counter offers.

Here are some information that received from some Maxis’s loyal subscribers where they being countered offer with some unbeatable plans.

• MaxisONE Plan 158 (5GB + Unlimited Calls & SMS) – RM 68 without contract 
• MaxisONE Plan 188 (7GB + Unlimited Calls & SMS) – RM 88 without contract 

What they actually did was contact Maxis helpline and ask for porting out. They would redirect you another department “Maxis Rescue Team” to counter offer you.

Do take note, the offers may not available to all Maxis subscribers. Maxis may have their own guideline like how long you have been with Maxis and plan that you subscribed now. So if you have been with Maxis for more than 5 years and your current plan is above RM 150, maybe you can give it a try.

Maxis Helpline: 123 (maxis users) or toll-free 1800 82 1919

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