Maxis Recovering Its Existing Subscribers By Offering Free Internet & Smartphone including On-Contract

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Maxis really need SOS now after gotten in trouble in reply on one of the respond post to on their official Facebook page

You may have read of an exaggerated Maxis save offer in the forum that has been circulating recently when it was first posted on 9 March 2016. We just want to say that this save offer does not exist in the way it was described.
As with any company that has good data on customers, we often design and run targeted campaigns based on factors such as tenure, types of services used, payment history and many more. These targeted campaigns are to ensure that customers get to try out the varied services and plans that Maxis offers.
Sometimes Maxis uses offers to stimulate trial of new services. Every now and then we also offer special deals to get our customers to switch in their family members as Maxis customers or to extend a contract.
Additionally, in conjunction with Maxis’ 4G expansion into more towns in Sabah and Sarawak, we launched an introductory 4G promotion that comes with more data. We simply want the East Malaysian residents to enjoy the 4G experience with the upgraded network. The network upgrade has already happened in other parts of the country and now brings the same improved performance to 8 towns across East Malaysia.

Till date, there were 6,400 responded with “angry” reaction and received almost 3,500 comments on that particular post status.

Maxis has been secretly offering some double standard deals to recover it existing clients to whom are not bond with any contract with Maxis.

The offers was;

Offer 1: FREE Samsung Note 5 + RM 128 monthly + 5GB Mobile Data + Unlimited Calls & SMS + 2 Years Contract
Offer 2: RM 88 monthly + 8GB Mobile Data + Unlimited Calls & SMS (No contract)
Offer 3: RM 68 monthly + 5GB Mobile Data + Unlimited Calls & SMS (No contract)

What about those who are still in contract with Maxis? The rage has reached to a point where those who are still in contract willing to pay the penalty to unsubscribe Maxis. The penalty within 1 year is RM 599 where it’s still justifiable if port over to others telco by saving atleast RM 50 to RM 120 monthly. You do the math!

Maxis did responded and did some offers to those who are still bond with contract.

Some of Maxis subscribers would have received SMS like per below these few days.

These are the offers from Maxis to MaxisONE plans that randomly picked;

Maxis ONE Plan 128: Pay RM 30 monthly + Additional 4GB + 1GB (6 months). Total you will get 8GB for RM 158 monthly
Maxis ONE Plan 158: Pay RM 30 monthly + Additional 10GB + 1GB (6 months) + Another SIM card for 6 month (Share data with principal). Total you will get 16GB for RM 188 monthly 

The price still not that attractive as compare to others telco that offering now.

You may refer to few others telco like below:

– Celcom FIRST Gold – RM 80/month with unlimited calls & SMS
– DiGi SmartPlan 75 – RM 78/month with unlimited calls
– U Mobile Hero Plan P70 – RM 70/month with unlimited calls

All the information was provided by current Maxis subscribers

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