Maxis Offers Apple iPhone SE from RM 45/month

Maxis is the second telco to offers Apple iPhone SE with no contract, zero interest and zero cash upfront on Zerolution.

You may purchase it outright at RM 1,949 for 16GB and RM 2,449 for 64GB model. You will enjoy Zerolution when you sign up with MaxiONE Plan 128 and above.

Aside that the iPhone SE 16GB can be yours at RM 45/month (24 months) and the 64GB is going for RM 66/month (24 month). The option of Zerolution upgrade is additional RM 20/month and you will enjoy upgrade to a new phone every year without penalties.

You may have your iPhone SE protected against damage or theft for RM 23/month extra.

Apple iPhone SE 16GB monthly repayment breakdown;

Apple iPhone SE 64GB monthly repayment breakdown;

You can also pick up the iPhone SE on standard Maxis iValue plans with bundled prices;

iPhone SE 16GB  – 12 month contract
iValue Simple
iValue 1 – RM 1,749
iValue 2 – RM 1,365
iValue 3 – RM 915

iPhone SE 64GB  – 12 month contract
iValue Simple – RM 2,174
iValue 1 – RM 1,790
iValue 2 – RM 1,625
iValue 3 – RM 1,340

iPhone SE 16GB  – 24 month contract
iValue 1 – RM 1,065
iValue 2 – RM 735
iValue 3 – RM 165

iPhone SE 64GB  – 24 month contract
iValue 1 – RM 1,490
iValue 2 – RM 1,160
iValue 3 – RM 590

You may place order now and get the Apple iPhone SE starting 13th May 201. More information about the new Maxis iPhone SE

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