Malaysia To Turn Off Analogue TV Starting 30th September. Switching Full Digital end of October

This initiative was made in the mid of 2015 where Malaysia introduced to Digital Video Broadcast so we can have high definition quality channels, multiple language sound/subtitles and on-screen TV guide (EPG)

Malaysia government even distributed out over millions of decoders to eligible recipients.

Starting 30th September, Malaysia government has taken its first step switching the analogue TV to digital from Central to South of Malaysia. It will go fully digital switch on 31st October 2019.

If you are still relying on analogue TV tuner and didn’t get the free decoder, you may want to consider to upgrade your TV that pre-built DVT-T2 or subscribe to NJOI that offers more channels than myFreeview.

Alternative is to purchase a third party decoder and Green Packet T2000 is the only MCMC certified Malaysia DTTV decoder.

We have unboxed one and here’s the video with the installation guide;

Source: myFreeview

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