Love Live-streaming? You May Be Interested with BIGO LIVE

BIGO LIVE is a free live-streaming video apps that allows user to broadcast themselves and capture audiences to share their live spontaneously via video.

BIGO LIVE has become one of the fastest growing social media video streaming app community and reached a new status as a global brand. It now stands out being a highly downloaded app in both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It has vast popularity not only in Asia, but also in North America, Europe, Russia and middle East.

BIGO LIVE has attracted personalities like new anchors who have in turn attracted hundreds of thousands of fans from their respective social media channels like Facebook. Such names include Lilly Luta, Dang Dung, Nguyen Huu Cong, etc. in Vietnam whose followers have helped achieved a record 9000 users in one BIGO LIVE room. Statements from sources at MIGO, a famous entertainment company in Vietnam, claim that most of their talents are also engaged in BIGO LIVE for updating their audience. Going over to Thailand, online celebrity Onboatz which commands an 80,000 strong following in Instagram now shares updates also via BIGO LIVE.  

BIGO LIVE is dedicated in creating a positive atmosphere as well as a means to become a tool in voicing out positive messages. Indonesian star Julia Perez shared her experience in fighting cancer via BIGO LIVE which garnered positive acclaim from fans which were moved by her tell-all session.

In other regions such as North America and South Korea, BIGO LIVE has also managed to make an impact with a wide user-base. A famous American prank star, Vitaly, has once broadcasted a bullfight that he joined on Halloween. Before the bullfight took place, he had even tweeted, “if I die, at least I die live,” inviting everyone to join his BIGO live stream to watch the exciting bullfight.

BIGO has also created a very large and healthy community in South Korea with live streamers broadcasting their interesting lives and even make-up tutorials to viewers.

BIGO LIVE also advocates green broadcasting encouraging healthy broadcasting content. Bigoer Di Du Hoc offers overseas Vietnamese students to introduce themselves to American and Canadian users, which have in-turn attracted 2000 viewers in one session and has also received high acclaim from users.

Dentists have also made their marks in the BIGO LIVE platform, interactive with users and sharing dental care knowledge, an act that has been applauded by followers from regions that suffer from poor dental care education or access to dental care services.

You can download BIGO LIVE for Android & iOS.

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