Lazada Malaysia Scammer Paradise

Remember the last post about how scammers use the social media platform to sell counterfeit products and some didn’t even deliver the goods.

Because of the convenient purchasing things through online, scammer takes the opportunity everywhere including the most favorite online shopping platform like Lazada Malaysia.

With the recent Lazada Malaysia 11.11 Revolution Online Sales, I noticed that there were a lot of awesome deals and some even offer at no brainier price. So here’s the problem, Lazada Malaysia is quite aggressive with their online marketplace as due to some others strong online marketplace competition here in Malaysia. To sell something through Lazada Malaysia seem very easy and people like Tom, Dick and Harry also can take part.

Here’s an example that I saw on Lazada Malaysia.

This caught my eye when I was browsing through my Facebook timeline and a “Sponsored” posted by Lazada Malaysia is selling a 2TB My Passport Portable External HDD by Western Digital for only RM 150. That’s cheaper by at least RM 200 comparing to the retail price.

It’s just too good to be true, so I dig in further and check out the details and reviews.

The reseller by the name “Digital City” is a new seller and has only 12% positive seller ratings. There was no warranty given and ships from overseas. Some people may not really read all the details and believe the purchase as they thought Lazada is a safe marketplace.

Our of my surprise there were four 5 star rating and reviews with positive comments and did receive the goods. This actually would persuade the interested buyer to add cart. The comments and rating are opens to everyone despite he/she didn’t make any purchase of the product. This can be used to create fraud/fake reviews just to “con”vience it’s a real deal.

Of course, there are some people fall for it and commented it’s a fake product. Remembered they mentioned it’s from overseas? They would use this as an excuse to delay the delivery and maybe the payment will be made through to the seller eventually.

Yes! There is a “7 days easy return policy” but the process is tedious and time-consuming. My experience to get refund took me 1 months and till date yet to settle. Some people may just forgo and live with it (this is what scammer want)

So what I’m trying to share here is to be more cautious as consumers. Don’t just judge by few comments or rating without digging much info about the seller. Don’t get shaded with no brainier offers and do some research on the product. Do only buy from the reputable seller.

As for the platform, please be more strict on partnering with sellers.

I always believe that an online marketplace with more reputable and trusted sellers are far more important than having the more unknown seller that would bring discredit to the company.

By the time I published this post, the offer is still available on Lazada Malaysia 

Update! (19th Nov 2017, 1645)

Lazada Malaysia approached us and told us they have removed the mentioned SKU on their platform. Still, this just removed one of the possible scam cases but there are lot more by other products. So do caution when you shop online, don’t simply trust the new seller and do some ground search before decided with any purchase.

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