You Can Now Report Smokers That Smoke in Non-Smoking Premises

The new Government of Malaysia has ruled a new law starting 1st of January 2019 by banning smokers to smoke in non-smoking premises and restaurant. Smokers flouting the ban may be fined up to RM 10,000 or two years of imprisonment.

photo credit: TheStar

More than 80% Malaysian are non-smokers and they are exposed to the cigarette smoke. All the eateries restaurants are compulsory to have the “No Smoking” logo signage hung on the wall that could be seen by customers. Failing which the premise owners could be fined up to RM 3,000.

To have this exercise more effective, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia has opened a WhatsApp line for the public to report any smokers/premise owners that not follow suit.

This is how you can lodge a report via WhatsApp.

  1. Get the restaurant/premise name and address (Google Maps)
  2. Take a photo of the smokers smoking on the premise or eateries restaurant that has “No Smoking” sign.
  3. Record the date and time of the incident happened
  4. Submit all the record to this WhatsApp number 010 8608949
  5. or you can call the office number at 03 88924530 (office hours only)

Source: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Facebook 


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