Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 edge Sold at US$ 91,000 (approx. RM 342,000)

How far a limited-edition smartphone can sell? The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition is running on a limit of 1,000 unit and a China-based user bid it for US$ 91,000 / RMB 568,788 to own this limited edition S6 edge. The normal Galaxy S6 edge cost just US$ 1,079, that’s almost 85 times.

What so particular of this piece? The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man which numbered 66 were brought up for an auction and ended up with bids of RMB 568,788 which equal to US$ 91,600. In China, the rich Chinese very believe in Feng Shui and numbering. The number 6 is considered lucky and 66 bring double lucky.

Via: Android Authority, Source: Business Korea

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