iPhone 6 Plus Survived After Submerged in Ocean For 2 Month

Sam an imgur user by the nick ehtnaerokyug has posted his phone recovery story after lost it in ocean few months back ago.

According to Sam he dropped his phone into the water at Monterey Bay on his kayaking session with his friend on 13th March, and he was luckily place his iPhone 6 Plus in a waterproof case.

Sam dropped off from his kayak and got caught in the seaweed and eventually he manage to made back to his kayak. He didn’t realized he lost the phone until he paddled back to shore.

He attempted to retrieve back the phone by request help from the employee of the kayak rental to search for it. No luck of finding the phone.

So Sam placed his phone on lost mode. Luck is with him and he received an email that his iPhone has been found.

The phone was found by another kayaker that went for Scuba diving at Monterey Bay and found the phone working, sealed in the phone in the waterproof bag near a rock.

The battery may not last for 2 months, most likely the kayaker brought it home and charge it before returning to Sam.

The waterproof case was described on Amazon has rated with IPX8 and claims capable to keep your smartphone dry underwater up to 100-feet.

Source: Mashable

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