Hyundai Sonata First’s Car To Adopt Android Auto

Finally the Android Auto are hitting the road and Hyundai Sonata 2015 will be the first car to adopt this technology.

Hyundai announced today that it’s first automobile maker to ship Android Auto on production starting with the 2015 model of Sonata with Navigation. To all Hyundai Sonata 2015 owner in Malaysia, this only applicable to the US’s Hyundai Sonata but I believe the can be done as the Head Unit used should be the same just would required a software update.

With the Android Auto enable in the car, owners will need to connect their Android phone to the car via microUSB cable and this will prompt the downloading of the corresponding companion app from Google play.

Advantages of Android Auto

  • The Google Now card-based experience provides suggested locations and travel times based on the user’s searches, calendar entries and home and office locations, as well as weather information and “now playing” information for music streamed via the phone
  • App software (navigation, streaming music, etc.) is automatically updated because the apps live on the phone
  • Natural voice recognition with Google voice actions
  • Owners can easily bring their personal reminders, suggested destinations, calendar appointments and music preferences with them when they get in their car
  • Android Auto automatically pairs with the Sonata for phone calls through Bluetooth when connected for the first time via USB
  • Android Auto has familiar interfaces that are easy to use and have almost no learning curve

Check out the Android Auto demonstration by Android Authority:

Source: Android Authority

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