HUAWEI Mate X – HUAWEI 1st Foldable Smartphone

Mobile World Congress is the place for the phone makers to showcase their technologies and upcoming devices.

Few days ago, Samsung has unveiled their first foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. On other hands, the close rival; HUAWEI is expecting to unveil theirs foldable smartphone as well. There’s a leak of an ads billboard showing the HUAWEI Mate X 5G is foldable form before the announcement date which is tonight. It’s different comparing it to the Galaxy Fold as the display fold outward.

The official specs, pricing and availability will be unveiled tonight.

There are also leaks photos of the actual HUAWEI Mate X in full glory.

It has a narrower bezel when in tablet mode.

From the leak it look like the Mate X has triple camera setup on the rear and can only take selfie when its folded in phone mode.

What do you think about the folding implementation compared it to Samsung Galaxy Fold?

There’s gonna be live streaming tonight on YouTube at 9pm:

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