How To Backup Whatsapp Conversations & Media? – Android Only

Ever wonder how to back your precious messages from your loved one, family or friends after switched to a new phone or you planning to reset your phone to factory settings?

Here’s the tutorial on how to backup and transfer it back to your fresh or new devices – Android only!

1. You need to back up your latest whatsapp’s conversations
    – Open whatsapp
    – Go to settings – Chat settings
    – Tap on Backup conversation

2. Launch File Manager. If you don’t have, you can download it from Google PlayStore. Basic file manager will do.

3. Copy the Whatsapp’s folder. You will be able to find it on your internal storage.

4. Paste it to your external memory storage, microSD card. If your device does not support external memory card, fear not! you can transfer it to your computer via USB or alternative get an USB-OTG convertor and you can plug your USB Flash Drive to your phone.

5. Once you have done copy the folder, you may now install whatsapp on your new/fresh smartphone.

6. Here’s the most crucial part. Do not launch the app once you have installed whatsapp. Copy the entire folder into your phone storage.

7. After that you can launch Whatsapp and configure it. It should prompt you with a message saying detected your messages & media and ask whether you would want to import it. Tap on yes and it shall recover back all the conversations and medias.

8. Wallah! You have successfully transfer your whatsapp conversations and media to your new device.

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